Simply Put

Hey friends! I’m Mary, a fellow Jesus-lover that’s trying to figure out living this complex, beautiful thing called life for God’s glory, just like you. One of my favorite things over the past few years has been getting to know and build relationships with the amazingly diverse women that make up the body of Christ. I’m a small-town girl who lives in a big city … Continue reading Simply Put

The Greater the Growl

Hi! My name is Petty. I’m from Indonesia and my husband (Adam) is from the US. Our family moved to Tennessee a year ago after living 10 years in Asia. We have been blessed with 3 wonderful children. These are my recent spiritual blessings from GOD through Fasting, and the study of Scripture that are still fresh in my mind. Although, I have millions of stories in … Continue reading The Greater the Growl

In The Beginning…

Hey friends! Hopefully you have been stirred by the previous posts to develop and deepen your relationship with Jesus. Lindsey’s post was incredibly helpful and inspiring last week and reminded us that the Word of God is just that..the Word of God. And there will be no stirring of our affections for or growth in our knowledge of Jesus without the Word of God.   … Continue reading In The Beginning…

Tried & True

I don’t know about you but I love new school supplies! There is nothing like a new notebook, new pencils, pens, and crisp paper to get me excited. Am I the only one whoever bought highlighters every year and used them maybe the first week of school and then allowed them to fall into the abyss of my school bag? And I could write a whole … Continue reading Tried & True