Uniqueness of You!

It’s a Southern mama’s dream to watch her baby boy run onto the field and take the position of quarterback. Commanding the game, he quickly gestures to reposition players, reads the defensive formation, grunts plays in a voice I’ve never heard before, and steps back to deliver a spiraling 40-yard bullet into the arms of a moving target.  I made that. It’s a good thing. … Continue reading Uniqueness of You!

How Will This Be?

Trusting in God when you don’t know what to do. When I am faced with difficult life situations, being a Christian and knowing I have a relationship with Jesus is always a comforting reassurance .  I cannot imagine ever going back to a place so far away from Him and having to deal with what’s thrown at me by life all on my own again. … Continue reading How Will This Be?

Where is He?

Hello ladies! There is no other story I will be able to share at the moment, but this one:On the last December 30th, my husband asked me to divorce. After living half of my life with this man, he came to me and said: I can no longer live with you anymore. Of course, a marriage does not end overnight and of course, each one … Continue reading Where is He?

Why Me…?

These words remind me of my 2 older kids. “why me? I just did it yesterday, or why me? why don’t you ask him/her?” and only us as parents know the answer to that question. Whether there was a lesson through the task that you want him or her to learn through experience, the task is meant for him or her because we as a … Continue reading Why Me…?

What If?

If you asked me to make a list of things I’m tempted to worry about or stress over, I could make a list a mile long. If you’ve ever self-identified as a control-freak, I’m right there with you. If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night struck with fear or anxiety, you’re not alone. If all of this sounds familiar, this is … Continue reading What If?

Who Am I?

When the weight of the world is on my mindAnd it’s hard to know which way is whichThat is the time for me to stop And ask myself, “Who am I?” Most days it’s easier to conveyThe truth of who I am NOT! I am NOT the Creator of this universeWho spoke and the earth was formedI am NOT the god of my own lifeI am NOT … Continue reading Who Am I?

Soul Selah

I absolutely love music! Since I was young I have been intrigued by the tempos, rhythms, and sounds of music…anything from Mozart to Michael Jackson. From era to era, culture to culture it’s amazing that music has marked time, events, and emotions for the people of history. We even classify parts of history by the music that was written and performed. There is something about … Continue reading Soul Selah

Lung Power

It is my honour once again to contribute to For All the King’s Daughters. I continue to be amazed at how God moves in our lives, and orchestrates all things according to His will. When I was asked to write on having ‘lung power’, on experiencing the Holy Spirit’s breath in our daily walk with God, I was stupefied. Why? Because at the exact time … Continue reading Lung Power