Patience in the Waiting

Hi ladies, my name is Angelina-not to be confused with Angela, although it frequently is! It’s okay though, I love Angela enough that I don’t mind being called by her name. Occasionally! 😉 As March’s theme is patience/waiting, Angela has asked me to write about how God has been faithful to me in the waiting. [...]

Love Speaks Every Language

Hello wonderful ladies! My name is Emily Roughton, and I am very excited to have the opportunity to be apart of what God is doing through All the King’s Daughters. My husband and I are missionaries in South Asia. I don’t really like using the word “missionary” because it can often to lead to a [...]

How has Jesus Loved You?

Hello everyone! When Angela asked me to answer this question for the blog "For All the Kings Daughters" I thought, "How could I express this in words?" So, if I tell you a little bit of my story with Him, maybe I can answer that question. My name is Gabriele, but everyone calls me Gabby, [...]

Calling All Daughters

Hi there! Ever have those days when every emotion seems to be just under the surface? Those days when laughing can embarrassingly turn to crying without any warning? My daughter just came in from work and was talking about this very thing. Little did she know that all day I’ve been like an emotional time [...]