Pressing into Prayer

Hello wonderful ladies! My name is Emily, and I am very excited to continue to be apart of what God is doing through All the King’s Daughters. My husband and I are missionaries in South Asia. I don’t really like using the word “missionary” because it can often to lead to a false perception of “elite” Christianity, or a more spiritual person, which I’m excited … Continue reading Pressing into Prayer

Getting It Straight

Hmmmm. I must need some help pulling it all together. Lately, when I open my internet browser, the advertising algorithms boldly recommend sophisticated, life-changing planners and scheduling systems. Have the gurus who create these magical methods placed a hidden camera in my home office? Are they analyzing the stacks of papers and piles of things I need to sort/do/delegate/throw away? Can they see through my … Continue reading Getting It Straight

Simply Put

Hey friends! I’m Mary, a fellow Jesus-lover that’s trying to figure out living this complex, beautiful thing called life for God’s glory, just like you. One of my favorite things over the past few years has been getting to know and build relationships with the amazingly diverse women that make up the body of Christ. I’m a small-town girl who lives in a big city … Continue reading Simply Put

The Greater the Growl

Hi! My name is Petty. I’m from Indonesia and my husband (Adam) is from the US. Our family moved to Tennessee a year ago after living 10 years in Asia. We have been blessed with 3 wonderful children. These are my recent spiritual blessings from GOD through Fasting, and the study of Scripture that are still fresh in my mind. Although, I have millions of stories in … Continue reading The Greater the Growl