Soul Strength

It’s hard to believe that this year is more than half over and we have been blessed by so many testimonies of God’s goodness and faithfulness. Each week we read the encouragement of women who are seeking to love God with all they have and live that out in their part of the world.  Let’s see this beautiful directive again.              “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our … Continue reading Soul Strength

Blessing the Body

A kind note of encouragement. Cups of coffee shared over good conversation. Friendship that allows authenticity. All are simple blessings I’ve received this year that brought deep joy and mirrored the love of Christ. I have been indescribably blessed by the body. I once had a friend asking me questions about my faith and one of the “Christianese” phrases that she didn’t understand is “the … Continue reading Blessing the Body

Uniqueness of You!

It’s a Southern mama’s dream to watch her baby boy run onto the field and take the position of quarterback. Commanding the game, he quickly gestures to reposition players, reads the defensive formation, grunts plays in a voice I’ve never heard before, and steps back to deliver a spiraling 40-yard bullet into the arms of a moving target.  I made that. It’s a good thing. … Continue reading Uniqueness of You!

How Will This Be?

Trusting in God when you don’t know what to do. When I am faced with difficult life situations, being a Christian and knowing I have a relationship with Jesus is always a comforting reassurance .  I cannot imagine ever going back to a place so far away from Him and having to deal with what’s thrown at me by life all on my own again. … Continue reading How Will This Be?

Where is He?

Hello ladies! There is no other story I will be able to share at the moment, but this one:On the last December 30th, my husband asked me to divorce. After living half of my life with this man, he came to me and said: I can no longer live with you anymore. Of course, a marriage does not end overnight and of course, each one … Continue reading Where is He?