Hi friend, I’m Angela and I’m a relationship junkie. I thrive on getting to know people and find common ground for making new friendships. My family has recently re-entered the US after living abroad for 4 years and I am making new friends, but want to keep connected to our other friends -wherever they may be. Ideally, I’d like to create an environment where I could introduce all my friends to each other and enjoy watching new friendships blossom.

I’m a wife of 22 years, mom of 6 kiddos and relish good girlfriends, good coffee and long talks about life. I value authenticity and celebrate transparency.  I have been teaching women’s Bible study for over 15 years and this is a brand new adventure for me. The goal is simple: to remind women that they are loved by a great and creative God and encourage them in their love of Jesus and His Global Body, while introducing them to other women who share the same title of the King’s Daughters. Glad to have you on the journey!