Who Am I?

When the weight of the world is on my mind
And it’s hard to know which way is which
That is the time for me to stop 
And ask myself, “Who am I?”

Most days it’s easier to convey
The truth of who I am NOT! 
I am NOT the Creator of this universe
Who spoke and the earth was formed
I am NOT the god of my own life
I am NOT in control of those around
I am NOT capable of healing the sick 
Or freeing every captive soul


By the blood of Jesus Christ, God’s only Son
I am a child of God
My soul belongs to Him
I am certain of His strength 
I am confident in His love
He runs the world in grace and truth 
I am content to trust

My whole soul has been set free
My whole heart has been mended
My all, my all is HIS
This is who I am! 

We were never meant to save ourselves
From the sin that plagues us all
We were always meant to look to God 
And find our rescue there
To live whole souled is to live soul freed 
To rely upon His steadfast grace 
For everything we need

If you’re weary and quite spent
Lay the burden down
Come to Jesus
And find your rest
He alone can carry
The load of all mankind

And when He stands tall
We all must fall 
Down before His throne
We are His and His alone

This is who we are. 

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