Letting Go of Hurt

Girls the last time we chatted, we discussed living wholeheartedly for Christ.  Now we are working on living whole minded.  The definition of whole minded is giving ones’s whole mind to something. As believers, we need to intentionally give our mind to Christ so that we can walk in the freedom of  a Spirit led mind.  There are many things that can cloud our mind … Continue reading Letting Go of Hurt

Taking Captive

“Taking Captive” (2 Corinthians 10:5)                                   Intentional: done on purpose; deliberate. Since we’ve known each other for a few words now, I feel like its an appropriate time to lay it all out there. While it’s hard to admit, I have struggled at times with complacency, even apathy, when it comes to my walk with Christ. It’s not usually a big, dramatic thing. It looks like … Continue reading Taking Captive

Renewing Our Minds

There were so many different ways that I thought about introducing this topic, but growing up as a very visual and imaginative learner, I wanted to be able to describe something tangible for you to imagine as we continue, so I chose plants. I LOVE plants. I love the look of them, the smell of them and everything about plants because our great God made … Continue reading Renewing Our Minds

Whole Minded

As I sit to type this post, I marvel that we are turning the calendar into the final quarter of this year. The retail stores are full of autumn and Christmas decorations and I find myself looking forward to special meals and times with family and friends. Whether we consciously recognize it or not, we measure all of our lives in some sort of fraction. … Continue reading Whole Minded

Our Greatest Enemy

Sin.  A word that holds many connotations, a word that comes with a lot of baggage.  This word means different things to different people, mostly having to do with your religious background. To some, when we hear the word we immediately feel self condemned and ashamed. To others, we feel as though the word is almost a taboo, like it doesn’t matter because it doesn’t … Continue reading Our Greatest Enemy